Long Live Rock ‘n Roll!

Mike Brandon is an American singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Oxford, Connecticut. His childhood love of rock and blues prompted him to start a band with his friends called Gravyhound. Over the years the band has progressed to what is now Mike Brandon Band. One thing that remains the same is the bluesy sound and his talent for song writing.

The Mike Brandon Band is known for their ability to bring a high octane slice of energy to their shows. The band is well known for their renditions of various artists through the decades including their own originals.

The band has been fortunate to welcome some of the most talented musical guests for their live shows and recordings. Over the years the evolution of artists and their instruments have added to the distinctive sound of the Mike Brandon Band.

The Mike Brandon Band has a knack for keeping the audience engaged and If anyone shares the same energy of the Mike Brandon Band its their ardent and loyal fans. The band has a reputation for its dependability and loyalty to their audience.

Behind The Rain


Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Howlin' Wolf, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Soundgarden, Beck, James Brown, Tom Petty, NRBQ, Jethro Tull, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Chuck Berry